The Milestone Difference

I’ve been asked by workshop attendees or those who have met me for the first time, why Milestone is different. I usually respond by saying that what we stand for here at Milestone is unique. I share with them my personal story of being raised by a mother who had overcome an extreme emotional disaster when her husband died leaving her with small children. Rather than letting this experience affect my brothers and myself; she showed us the joy of living every day. She was a talented seamstress, teacher, opera singer and concert pianist. She had given up her musical career for her husband. As she struggled to overcome this tragedy, we moved in with my grandmother. After mom obtained a full time teaching job, along with my grandmother, we moved into a studio apartment. Money was always scarce! We never saw ourselves as deprived; we grew up secure because of mom’s determination, love and hard work. Growing up with a remarkable mother who never let her tragedies affect our lives helped each of us become independent and self-supporting in our late teens. Mom touched so many lives in her 40 years as a first grade teacher. She retired near age 70. We noticed small changes with mom in her mid 70s, such as forgetting names so she stopped attending church. Little did I know that she was at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

I had little knowledge of Protection Planning, Cost of Long Term Care or services available even though I was an educator, school administrator, and grant writer. I didn’t think of any issues when she signed her home and car over to me, I didn’t realize what a big mistake that action would be for us as her disease progressed. She lived with me until she passed away. This period of time was one of the most difficult times for me as her daughter. The woman who had always been there for me was no longer the same woman. I discovered that I was not alone in not knowing the steps that mom needed to know to grow her assets, have adequate life insurance, or protect her home from Medicaid. This experience left an indelible mark on me, which gave me the desire and conviction to work with every age to help them achieve future wealth and peace of mine. I had a new passion. I didn’t want other people to go through the struggle that my family did, and lose what they already had. My mom was a role model for me and my brothers. During her tough years, she made us her number one priority. We were loved and never felt like we were poor even though there was no money for extras. We worked for anything we needed. Secondly, she taught us a work ethic and the Golden Rule. She was an example by giving us values. She was involved at church, taught piano and loved her job teaching 40 years as a first grade.

Because of my experiences and lessons from my mom’s life, I changed my career direction. My career has centered on education up to this point, I know now that this background prepared me to continue to educate helping people financially to achieve their lives desires through following simple but necessary strategies. I believe that anyone can achieve their life goals and dreams through applying planned savings, investing, and tax and protection strategies to be prepared for life’s catastrophes. I have made a commitment to help people multiply their current savings and earnings as well as protect what they already have.

I have a simple mission:

To help people build their financial futures and be prepared for every financial Milestone in their lives and protect what they have acquired from any unforeseen circumstance.