The Senior Forum - February 2012

The “Word” for 2012

By Dee Siegferth

             As an avid reader of “Guideposts Magazine,” I found myself fascinated by author Debbie Macomber’s article about her yearly tradition of choosing, “a word to live by”; and the effects of focusing on that word daily throughout the year.   (Guideposts Jan, 2012).  One of her last words was “hope.”  The word “hope” may help to inspire us to hope for a more secure economy in 2012. 

             The word I have chosen to focus on for 2012 is “Security”.   How many actually feel Secure during this unsettling economy?  The primary goal that is most often expressed from workshop attendees or individuals who visit with me in my office is their goal to achieve safety and security in retirement for themselves and their families. 

             When you travel, you need a map or GPS to reach your destination.  With regard to reaching a secure retirement, you may need  your own personal “Retirement Road Map” to ensure that you reach your destination of a secure retirement and that you have  prepared to avoid any risks of losing your savings, investments, retirement accounts or what you own due to wrong directions!  

             Since it is tax season, and you have to gather your documents for tax preparation anyway, take some time to complete “Your own Personal Retirement Plan Check Up.”  Just like your yearly visit to the dentist, doctor, or mechanic, your retirement and risk protection plan needs a yearly checkup.  Ed Slott, in his book, “Your Complete Retirement Road Map,” points out that ‘by completing your checklist, you will be doing all that you can to make your estate whether it is large or small as valuable as it can be for you, your children or grandchildren.”     

             You may request a Retirement Road Map Survey Guide to assist you in completing your “Road Map.”   As a Charter Member of Ed Slott’s IRA Advisory Group, I strive to educate pre-retirees and retirees regarding the action steps that they may need to be take to achieve “Security” before and during Retirement.   See for more information.