The Senior Forum - January 2012

First Things First in


By Dee Siegferth


In 2012, ask yourself what are your “first things?”  In Stephen Covey’s book, “First Things First,” he challenges readers “to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy.”   I challenge you to think ahead and live this year thinking of three or four things that matter most to you?  Of the three or four things that matter, do you really give these important things the time that you really want to give them?   I have lost 3 close family members this past year, and I realize more than ever the importance of “Putting First Things First”! This year, make it the year that you can feel safe and confident that you have taken care of important matters to leave your own legacy.   

With the uncertain stock market, economy and the certainty that taxes will go up, it becomes more important to “think safety” and protection. What you had planned 1, 3 or 5 years ago may not seem like a good idea today.   The things that matter and need attention sometimes gets shoved away when people are not sure what they need to do about retirement accounts, taxes, important documents,  and life decisions.  Thus, most times people “do nothing!”  

In this new year, take the time to seek professional advice for yourself and those you care to take care of and get your personal house in order!    First, to make life easier on yourself and those you love, why not put your financial, retirement, and risk protection houses in order.   It may be time to organize your savings, income and investments, life insurance, and important documents to ensure that your money is safe and tax efficient so that you can sleep easily knowing that you do not have to worry about losses in your investment or retirement accounts, or losses due to a chronic illness.   Mistakes happen every day; the wrong person such as a spouse’s new husband or wife or your children’s husband or wife could inherit your assets instead of your children or grandchildren.   

Finally, take the time to get your important documents in order and completed to make sure your wishes are followed.   I saw first hand this year how important it is to plan ahead because the unexpected can happen.   Stephen Covey states:  “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  (p. 72).   You can create your own legacy and reality the way you want it be by “Putting First Things First.”  Once you have completed your “Things that Matter list”, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have created your own legacy the way you wanted it to be!  By taking action, anyone can be in control of their retirement years and know their wishes have been followed simply by putting their plan together properly!  

            Call 330-644-0284 or email me at to take advantage of a Complimentary Life Review meeting to help you get the documents and professional assistance you may need  to check off your “Things that Matter list ” 330-644-0284.  At Milestone, we work with Estate Planning Attorneys, and a CPA to meet all of your Safe Money and Risk Protection Needs.   

            Dee is a Charter Member of Ed Slott’s Masters Elite IRA Group, which requires completion of intensive training each year.  See for more information

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