The Women's Journal - December/January 2012

This Christmas Season- Consider Buying Locally and Using Local Service Businesses By: Dee Siegferth

It is no secret that the economy and stock market have been volatile this year, and   Shopping for bargains will make the difference to help shoppers spend less this year.  You may have noticed that The National Retail Chains and National Service Providers and have increased their Ads and Sales to entice buyers to take advantage of these lower prices on those must have electronic items.  

      Why not think “Outside the Box” this Christmas?   Instead of spending all of your money buying from the big retail chains this year, consider buying locally!  You could purchase gift certificates for your loved ones or friends from local businesses, such as:  gym memberships, car washes, snow plowing, spas, restaurants, or local bakeries to name a few.  You could even make plan gift giving with gift certificates to attend future local events with your friends or family.   Your local entertainment section of the newspapers or TV stations’ websites post community events, such as plays, musicals, and festivals.  At our local business at the Milestone Center, we encourage parents and grandparents to give the gift of contributing to their children, grandchildren, nieces’ or nephews’ education fund for their future careers.   How about thinking local for your gift giving and give our local economy a boost, and buy creative Christmas gifts for your loved ones and friends?

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