The Women's Journal - October/November 2011

Questions About Your Retirement?  You’re not alone.

By:  Dee Siegferth

            When you are thinking about planning for your future income in retirement, there are many Questions to Ask Yourself?             Of course, the first questions is “How much income will I need for retirement?”   Should I max out my 401k?  TSA? Or Deferred compensation?  How do I save to have this income?    Is my job secure?  What do I do if mom or dad gets sick?   How do I care for them?  How do I pay for college for my kids? Do I really need life insurance?  What if I get sick or injured?              With this shaky economy, there are real worries that my keep you up at night?  When you think about saving for your future, it is important to take a look at the big picture.   It is essential to work with a “whole picture” advisor who takes into consideration all of the “milestones and concerns” and helps you have a secure plan for your future no matter what your age.            

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