The Suburbanite/February 2012

Portage Lakes, Ohio —

With the way the economy has been over the last few years, people are looking for creative ways to maintain and get the most from their pension plans and other sources for retirement.

That is the business of Dee Siegferth, President for The Milestone Center for Retirement and Estate Planning LLC. She studies, researches and puts her knowledge into stepping up to the challenge that today's retirees face.

Siegferth is familiar with the new and up to date plans including Guaranteed Lifetime Income Products. 

The agency, located at 2780 South Arlington Rd. Suite 201, is known for its seminars to inform the public of trends and just what is happening and working best in the financial world. Siegferth is nationally known for her expertise on financial planning and continually brings in knowledgeable experts to hold seminars above and beyond her educational seminars.

One such expert is Duncan McGuffie, Divisional Vice President for Prudential. He recently met with Milestone clients and guests speaking on the challenges facing today's retirees.

More than 60 people attended the fast- paced one hour event. It helped these retirees and future retirees to receive up to date information. McGuffie showed the retirees and future retirees how they can have assurance to plan for guaranteed income for life as well as for their spouse and heirs by using the newer product.

“People who have old 401ks or other retirement accounts may want to take a look at planning their own retirement pension plan with lifetime income annuities to ensure that their money will never run out,” Siegferth said.

She said the gist of what McGuffie told the group was that creating your own pension has become important for most working Ohioans.

“Most have no pensions and most of their money is in the stock market in 401k's or other retirement accounts,” she said.

Prudential along with other top insurance agencies have introduced these Guaranteed Lifetime Income Products. The plans have spousal continuance which allows for the spouse to continue having a pension like income in addition to their Social Security.

Prudential has partnered with the top fund companies, such as JP Morgan, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Block Rock and Franklin Templeton to name a few. This allows consumers to benefit from a     variety of fund choices. 

McGuffee pointed out that working with top funds companies and money managers gives investors choices and expertise while having guarantees of lifetime income regardless of market importance.

“This is good news for consumers and proves to be what the public wants and needs,” he said.

McGuffie told the audience how lifetime income annuities now have a place in pre-retirees and retirees retirement plans as a strong replacement for pensions that have disappeared.  He meets regularly with Prudential's money management partners and economic experts so he keeps advisors up to date on the current market trends and long term market forecasts.

Siegferth is committed to bringing information to the public including monthly educational events and her live radio broadcast on Sundays at 11 a.m. on WNIR FM.

“Taking care of your financial future should be as much a part of your life as taking care of your health,” she said.

For more information on financial events visit or call 330-644-0284.