A Divine Decision

My husband’s sister and her husband lived with their four children ages 19, 14, 10 and 6 in Akron living paycheck to paycheck.  The coffee was always on when any guest entered, and you always felt at home regardless of the children underfoot.    My sister-in-law volunteered for more than one event at the local Catholic Church in order that her children could attend tuition free, and she could be a stay-at-home mom. Just one month before their lives would change forever, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law made the decision to purchase life insurance on each other even though making those payments would stretch their budget.  In just one month, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer; and she passed within two and a half months.    My brother-in-law was thankful that they had taken out that life insurance policy as he later shared this fact with me.    He was able to pay off all debts.

At the end of that first year of living this new life without his wife and mother of his children, Billy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We all asked in disbelief, “How could this happen?”   After many talks and discussions with me and others, he made a plan for his children.   He worked with attorneys to create a trust for his children from his own life insurance policy benefits.   He lived a year and a half after the diagnosis, and he made every minute count with his children.  My husband and I became back up guardians as the 20 year daughter took on the task of raising her siblings.  Now, they are all grown, and each has obtained a college degree.

After my niece, the oldest,  and I  sat together over coffee yesterday;  I  thought about the divine decision her parents  had made when they purchased those two life insurance policies a month before tragedy began to strike their family.   Neither parent had any idea that either one would pass away so soon!   Yet, that “divine decision” allowed their children to live in the same house without money worries.  The youngest child is now an accountant.  He was able to finish his degree because of the benefits of an “orphan scholarship.”  All three children attended Catholic Schools through full scholarships because of the “time” that their mother gave to the schools volunteering for every church or school event.  As I reflect on both of their divine decisions, I marvel that their parents made the decision by taking the time to purchase individual life insurance policies to protect each other and their children.

This month is dedicated to helping raise awareness of the need to purchase Life Insurance to protect the ones you love.  I encourage each of you to forward this email to those you care about.  Life insurance costs pennies a day to give the gift that just keeps giving!

Our office offers every type of life insurance that fits every person’s needs and budget.   No one can predict when a “Divine Decision” can make a difference tomorrow!