Thank you to Veterans!

Today is Veterans Day and my grandson who is a 4th grader had a speaking part in his school’s special assembly: “Honoring our Veterans”. As a special touch, family members who were veterans were invited to a special breakfast before the presentation. As I heard my grandson practice his lines for the program this past Sunday, I wondered how many of us Americans really take the time to Thank them for protecting our nation. I decided to search for information online on the various Veteran Celebrations. I found an article that is worth sharing about Wayne Smith, who served as Master of Ceremonies at an event sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 905 in Porter County on Sunday, November 9th.

Smith related: “For many veterans, hearing two little words can mean more than any medals they may have received.” Smith also suggested: “Each time you see someone who has served our country, just lean over and say, “Thank you”- That's all most people need,”

Today, U. S. Military Veterans face another need when they return home from Iraq or Afghanistan, which is finding a job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the unemployment rate among Gulf War Veterans is 9.4%. When I discovered this statistic, I felt that it was worth sharing! I would be interested to hear from readers their thoughts about this alarming statistic.

My mission has and will continue to be to encourage anyone who has a job to begin saving and building a nest egg for their future. When I discovered the challenges veterans face in finding employment, I would hope as we honor veterans this week; employers will also consider hiring veterans for skilled employment. On this Veteran’s Day and every day, let’s take the time to just say “Thank You,” to each and every veteran, and to realize the challenges that each veteran has faced and is facing when they come home!

Source Chesterton Local News, Veterans Day, Vietnam Veterans of America.