Does the thought sound appealing to you?    Remember Felix and Oscar, Friends, or The Golden Girls television shows?  I am still watching all of those shows today.  In these shows, each roommate has a different personality, but they made it work!

I watched the original Felix and Oscar, “The Odd Couple” movie, over Christmas vacation and I was amazed at how opposite the two men were, but their arrangement worked in its own way.  With Felix and Oscar, Friends, and The Golden Girls, their living arrangements began as a cost savings move.  

Today, these arrangements could be cost savings and also provide companionship instead of loneliness!

I think most people will agree that it costs much more than it did to live alone in our parents’ generation than it would cost today.   We are living longer and the chances of being alone is greater.  It is a known fact that baby boomers are living longer, but not necessarily healthier according to the Federal Administration on Aging; and by 2030, one out of every five Americans will be 65 years old or older as reported in this ABC News Report.  The big question is where and how would we all rather live if we’re left alone.

My big questions to readers:

1.    Would you consider living with roommates or in a shared housing arrangement?

Yes or No

2. Would you like to live in a Senior Village with your own apartment or mobile home?

Yes or No

3. Would you like to stay in your own home and have a “visiting friend” check in on you?

Yes or No

4. Would you like to move in with your children?

Yes or No

5. Would you rather share a room with a stranger in a nursing home?

Yes or No

6. Do you think you could benefit from a living arrangement plan in place before decisions may be made for you by someone else?

Yes or No

 Most statistics show that few make their decisions ahead of time, but I wonder if people had access to these options ahead of time would they make their choices ahead of time? What do you think?

I am working on having a venue for you to have Your Options or Your Choices completed ahead of time before decisions are made for you.  What do you think?


I would appreciate your response in the comment section below!!

ABC News report cited from http://abcnews.go.com/Business/againg-baby-boomers-roommates/  5/5/2014


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