A New Year – A Chance to Get it Right!

2015 gives all of us another chance to get it right!   For each of you this resolution may have a different meaning.   As a financial, retirement, and asset protection planner; I see everyday evidence of the good things that happen to those who plan; and I witness the disasters for those who do not plan. Every milestone and every event whether it be taking Social Security, retiring, rolling your 401k, turning 70 ½, suffering a medical event, needing assistance, or experiencing a loved one’s death triggers the need to plan.

For those individuals who are about to retire, you are joined by about 78 million Baby Boomers, who turned age 65 New Years Day.   After age 65, people may find that their resolutions, income, retirement experiences, and risk protection needs are beginning to change; and this period of time is when mistakes begin to happen!   Getting it Right in 2015 will help any age prevent mistakes by making a plan with the help of an adviser to guide you to do what you want with the resources you have acquired; and secondly to protect your assets from any catastrophe whether financial, tax, medical, accidental, or death. 

In 2015, “Your Chance to Get it Right” may include:
1. Taking Control – Having Tax-free or Tax-favored Income for Life.   You can make the right decisions by applying tax strategies, laddering and/or repositioning your income and investments to maximize your income.  You also may take advantage of tax-free strategies using tax-free Roth IRAs or Cash Value Life Insurance. 
2.  Consider continuing Income after you Retire, by choosing a new profession, starting a business or going back to work for yourself.  Think about retiring as a chance to do something you love doing that generates an income.   
3. Stay Active by Moving Every Day in 2015 –It is a proven fact that you can Avoid Disease by drinking healthy water, avoiding junk food, walking, yoga, swimming or exercising.   
4.  Develop your own Asset Protection Plan to protect your Home and Assets from losses to long-term medical care or nursing home stays.  Help your loved ones or parents by making sure they have an asset protection plan also. 
5.   Get important documents done to legally provide your wishes or your parent’s wishes.  Don’t put it off.   You cannot count on anyone being healthy forever.   Without planning, your children, your spouse or caretaker will be making the decisions without your wishes being followed.
6.  Research where are the best places to live for the rest of your lives.   Plan early, get educated, do your research.  It is important to consider your annual cost of living, expenses, taxes and future plans in case you need assistance.   
7.   Enjoy Travel Adventures at different times of the year to investigate the potential best new location for your next stage of life.
8. Enjoy doing what you have always dreamed of doing when you were working! 


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