Tax Season is Over!

Now is the time for your 2016 Retirement Tax,
Income, and Estate Plan

I have heard many people remark this year,

"I didn't know that my interest, capital gains, dividends or IRA withdrawals would cause my Social Security to be taxed."

"I thought it was a good idea to start my Social Security at 62.   I wish I would have known."  

"You mean I could have paid less tax if I.............?"

"What do you mean my IRA withdrawals go up every year because of Required Minimum Distributions?"

"I was going to seek help for the best way to handle my dad's money before he becomes sick, but.... I put it off."

"I didn't know my savings bonds withdrawals were going to cause my tax bill to go up."

The bottom line is your retirement plan needs to work even for the unexpected turn of events in your life.  Think of visiting your Doctor for a health check-up and keeping your body healthy in the same way as your annual "retirement plan" check-up to save you more money and prevent losses in the future.


If you missed my Ed Slott Retirement Road Map Recap class, Don't fret!! I will repeat the class in May.