Holding Hands

Each of us has our own experiences holding hands.  As a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, administrator, and now an advisor; I think of how I took for granted holding hands until I lost my mother.   When we are very young, we were instructed to hold hands before crossing the street, shopping, at school, or anytime we were in crowds.  As we grew older, there was no need to hold hands with our parents, teachers or significant people in our lives, but we found ourselves shaking hands as a courtesy when we signed the loan for our first house or first job.   Holding or shaking hands had a new meaning as grownups; but holding hands with loved ones, the sick, lonely or friends have never changed.     

Today, I am working with individuals whose parents or loved ones may no longer be able to go places on their own, or they need a helping hand in daily living.   When my mother became less able to drive; our favorite times were trips to the grocery store, her favorite restaurants, or other necessary trips.  As soon as we got in the car, I took her hand and we held hands again; and I would say, “We are a good team, mom.”  Holding hands had a whole new meaning at this stage of my life than it did when I was a child.  During those times, I felt that we were joined heart to heart!     

You may have your own experiences with holding hands, and I am sure you will have many more in your lifetime.    I suggest that holding hands still works today for whatever reason.   Some of you may remember the Beatles Song, “I want to hold your hand” that was so popular in the 60s and is still sung today.   Maybe, you are even humming the song as you read my blog as I am now.   As you go through your week, and you hold hands, enjoy the moment!  You have just made someone’s day!

- Dee