A Story of How Life Insurance Saved My Family.

We all have a story...some are fun, some are sad, but we always manager to get through especially when we have the help of others.

A 27-year-old new mother, Bridgette, suddenly became a widow as her husband was killed in a car accident. Making it even worse, she had to borrow money from her parents to pay for her husband's funeral. He had no life insurance.

She was not looking for a relationship, but in six months friends introduced her to Anthony. He was persistent and eventually they married and opened a business.

With three children to care for, they bought small life insurance policies. Eventually, they purchased considerably more life insurance.

Within a year, Anthony found a bump on his chin. He had recently walked through a spider web at a job site and assumed it was a bite. But it didn’t go away. He learned it was melanoma, a cancer he had battled as a teenager. It soon spread to his lungs, brain and bones.

Still wanting to provide for his family, Anthony invoked a provision in one of his life insurance policies that allowed for an early payout to a terminally ill policyholder, and used part of his death benefit to buy a nicer home for his family. He oversaw renovations and was able to spend a month in the house before he died at 34.

The remaining money from Anthony’s policies helped Bridgette pay off medical bills and meet her household expenses. It also kept the business afloat. She could make payroll and pay vendors while she and her foreman reassured clients that the business would continue. Without that money she would have had to close the business.

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