Planning for Today, Sooner or Later or... Your Next Chapter!

How many times have you said, “I will take care of that later?”  Later can mean different time periods to each individual; but when I hear my husband say, “I will do that later,” I know he is putting off doing the task, and I realize that task may not get done.   Most of us realize Life Happens when we least expect it.  During and after the critical illness, death or nursing home stay, I usually hear the words:  “I should have taken care of that” or “I never dreamed that this event would happen.” The fact is critical Life Events happen that change people’s lives when it is least expected.

Life events can be memorable and celebrated, but there are also those life events, which change a family’s life.  Most of you know that we need to prepare for any life event, but somehow all of us feel we can take care of those things later even though we know that pre-planning before the life event happens eliminates “the could have or should have” regret.   To rectify the problem, I propose that the now, sooner later plan be amended to include the following change: “Now, Sooner, Later or Life Happens!”   This new plan will cover the “What Ifs” in a person or couple’s life.   Planning for the “What Ifs” in life can help you “Have Your Wishes Your Way” regarding any health or life event. 

We have been gathering feedback from women and men over the past three years during client appointments and a series of roundtable discussions.   We have looked at 50+ adults to get their perspective regarding living alone, life changes and how and where they would like to be treated if they are unable to care for themselves.  Interestingly enough, 100% of these people want to stay in control of their decisions and be involved in social activities.  Thus, I have created another division of The Milestone Center for Retirement & Estate Planning LLC called Milestone’s Next Chapter. 

Milestone’s Next Chapter will focus on collaboration with Public and Private Agencies, Legal and Tax providers to assist in planning and later dealing with life events.  Social Activities will also be provided through various sources, which will allow people to meet others who have experienced a life change.  One of my favorite television shows to this day is “Golden Girls.” These ladies knew how to stay independent, share resources and live their own lives.   Milestone’s Next Chapter’s purpose is much broader than creating many “Golden Girl” or “Golden Guy” get-togethers, but also to provide education, tips, resources and planning services which will allow anyone to be in control of their decisions, connect with appropriate service providers and develop a “Now, Sooner, Later and Life Change” plan for the rest of your lives.  The Milestone Center has created Milestone’s Next Chapter to help anyone be better prepared for Life Change while continuing to provide a comprehensive financial, retirement, tax and estate plan to ensure that every individual can have “Their Wishes –Their Way.”

I look forward to your feedback regarding Now, Sooner, Later-Life Happens Plans. 

You can email me at or call 330-644-0284 to set up your free telephone or face to face meeting or to request more information about Milestone’s Next Chapter.  The Milestone Center for Retirement & Estate Planning is a Full-Service Financial, Tax, Medicare Supplement, Insurance and Estate Planning Firm. 

Dee Siegferth, MA, RR, MA Gerontology. Certified Senior Advisor, and Charter member Ed Slott IRA Group.  and Certified Estate Planner.