Our Mission:

“I have decided to make my mission in life a reality to help Women become their own decision makers at every stage of their lives whether they are single, married or widowed, to prevent women from ever having to feel 'alone' in their decisions.”

                                                                                                                                                  - Dee Siegferth

Next Chapter's Educational Focus and Services:

- Educational Events

- Financial & Insurance Planning

- Tax Completion and Planning

- Chronic Illness /Long Term Care

Attorney Partners:

- All important legal documents

- Estate and Asset Protection Planning

- Docubank – store important legal documents

- Planning Long Term Care without buying long term care insurance

- Identify Theft Protection

- Telahealth, Doctors Online- An Extra Benefit Program

- Additional Resources

- Information & Services

Collaborative Partners in Areas Like:

- CPAs

- Estate Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys

- Companion services

- Home Health services

- Hospice Partners

- Shared living, rentals

- Social gatherings