Planning For Women

Dee Siegferth believes in women empowerment, financial education, and protection planning! She has been teaching women and leading women's groups for the past 10 years.
Women need to think about themselves and “be prepared for the unexpected." Each woman has very individual personal needs, wants, and expectations for her financial future. Today's woman wants to be in the know, and is more open to learning.
Why are more and more women becoming interested in financial and protection education programs Surveys reveal:

  • Women make the majority of purchasing decisions.
  • 80% of personal and business checks are written by women.
  • More women become single again whether it means through divorce or   widowhood.
  • Women live longer than men therefor need their money to last longer.
  • Women's businesses are growing 3 times faster than men's businesses.

Women will seek information and attend educational classes before they make an informed decision. They tend to want to work with an adviser who will take time to listen and help them build a plan of action that will help them meet every aspect of their needs and goals, as well as having an advisor be available for continuing advice.

Which women are taking advantage of getting information?

  • Working Women
  • Single Women
  • Affluent Women
  • Married Women
  • Widows
  • Women Business Owners

They all want to be knowledgeable about how to meet their personal, tax, financial, health, and protection goals before and after retirement!
Women speak for themselves about what they want from money. Most women want security, independence, freedom, enough money to last through their lifetimes, and the ability to pass it on the way they want how they want!
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